La Fiesta

Fresh and fruity with a touch of sparkle! La Fiesta medium sweet perry is a light and refreshing semi-sparkling drink, perfect for life’s little celebrations. 
We place a lot of emphasis on the major milestones in life but why not celebrate the little things more? Car passed its MOT first time? Payday? La Fiesta is all about celebrating the little wins in life.

La Fiesta is affordable and easy drinking, available in a 750ml bottle - suitable for all occasions, in 250ml cans - ideal for mini fiestas and celebrations on the go, and in a 1.5l bottle - perfect for parties!

La Fiesta has been expertly designed and taste tested to bring the very best semi-sparkling perry option to you and your customers.

Take the party home!

If you’re interested in stocking La Fiesta contact us today.
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la Fiesta

150cl, 75cl, 250ml
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