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Broadland Wineries Changes Name to Broadland Drinks

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Broadland Wineries has confirmed that it will be changing its name to Broadland Drinks in a move that reflects the changing nature of its business.  The change will take place over the coming months. 

Mark Lansley, CEO of Broadland Drinks, commented, “The changes in consumer behaviour and priorities are accelerating and this is opening up many opportunities for our company.  So, in addition to Broadland Drinks current wines and perries, the company will soon be offering other types of exciting and innovative drinks in a variety of formats.”

Kat Hall, who joined Broadland who joined in June 2019, is a product innovation specialist working to grow the range.  Two products are currently being launched - La Fiesta, a celebration perry, and No Ordinary, a multi-country brand which offers lesser-known grape varieties from well-known countries and well-known grape varieties from lesser-known countries. 

The new canning line, which is operational from February, is enabling the company to extend its range of botanical and fruit fusion drinks into cans.  A number of no/low alcoholic drinks in a variety of formats will also be launched during 2020.

Broadland Drinks is a fast-growing 160 strong team, based across the UK and USA, with a passion for creating drinks brands that people love. Broadland Drinks saw an annual growth in revenue of 11.6% to £70m to March 2019.

If you would like to work with us on expanding your drinks range contact us today. 


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