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Celebrating Malbec World Day with El Tesoro

Sunday 17 April 2022

Despite originating in France most would argue that Argentina is the true home of Malbec. Now every year the 17th of April marks Malbec World Day to commemorate the date in 1853 when Argentina’s president made it his mission to transform the Argentinian wine industry.

169 years later Malbec is now the most valuable red varietal worth £409 million with Argentina accounting for 72% of sales. The popularity of Malbec continues to rise with sales up 35% compared to 2 years ago, growing 3 times faster than still wine overall. Argentinian Malbec continues to be the gold standard with sales up 47% vs 2 years ago and is bought by a third of red wine shoppers.

Broadland Drinks’ South American brand El Tesoro has seen even stronger growth with El Tesoro Malbec up 260% vs 2 years ago. El Tesoro de las MontaƱas translates as “Treasure of the mountains”, an apt name for the range which has picked up numerous award medals across LWC, IWC, IWSC and DWWA in the last year. If you’re raising a glass in celebration of Malbec World Day why not try award winning El Tesoro Malbec or El Tesoro Reserve Malbec.

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