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Unlocking RTD growth with Twistea, this International Tea Day

Tuesday 21 May 2024


It is estimated that over 100 million cups of tea* are drunk in the UK every single day. So, it’s no surprise that innovation in tea continues to whet the appetite of British consumers.
In the last year alone, soft RTD tea has seen rapid growth of +15%** in the off trade, also enjoying widespread distribution in the on-trade. Today, tea is so much more than your traditional builders’ brew – successfully having increased its relevance to more shoppers, on more occasions, to sustain its growth.
Brand new to the market, Broadland Drinks’ latest RTD innovation, Twistea Vodka Ice Tea, further extends tea’s relevance. Available in three flavours: Peach & Mango, Lemon & Lime and Blood Orange & Mandarin, Twistea combines Britons’ love of tea and modernises it by tapping into the stellar growth of vodka RTDs. Made using 24-hour cold brewed, ethically sourced tea from Malawi and all natural flavours, its just 89 calories per can. Light, fruity, not too sweet, Twistea is ridiculously refreshing.
To grow sales with something new on your RTD fixture, contact us today to stock Twistea at
*UK Tea & Infusions Association - About Tea
**NielsenIQ Total Coverage MAT 21st Jan 2023
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