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Over the last 50 years a lot has changed in the world of wine and drinks. Consumer tastes and habits have changed, retail has become very sophisticated, supply chains have become more international, and even our company name has changed.  However, some things at Broadland Drinks remain the same - we are still very proud to be an active part of our local community, a key local employer, and an innovator. Still a privately owned business, there are many local families who have been working at the winery for generations.

Established in 1965 by a German winemaking family in the small village of Cawston in Norfolk, Broadland Wineries (our original name) started trading as a fruit wine producer. The location was chosen to be close to orchards and fruit producers. Some of the original and popular locally made wines like Norfolk Mead and Ginger Wine are still made and sold today.

By the 1970s consumer wine tastes were changing and bulk imported wine was coming to the UK for the first time - Broadland Wineries began importing from around the world in 1978 and also experimented with British Sherry as well as producing wine kits for one of the very popular hobbies at the time - home wine making.

In 1983 Broadland Wineries installed one the UK’s first Bag in Box packing lines - responding to consumers drinking more wine at home and supermarkets broadening their wine selections. Throughout the 1990s UK-bottled imported wine became a more important part of the wine industry with screwcaps an acceptable closure and imports from the new world growing rapidly.

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By 2010 consumption of wine in the UK had increased from just 7% of alcohol volume drunk in the 1970s to over 34% and there were many more formats than the original 75cl bottles for consumers to choose from. Broadland have led the market in investing in the winery to meet these needs – including pouches, 18.7cl, 25cl, 1L and 1.5Lbottles, MINIVINO single serve PET cups and most recently in 2020 the introduction of a canning line.

In 2020, we changed our name to Broadland Drinks to reflect that we are now a major international importer and exporter of wine and other drinks – with an office in the US but still operating from the BRC AA+ winery in the heart of Cawston. The site looks very different today with an innovative wastewater treatment facility, automated bottling and is on the journey to being fossil fuel free at our cawston winery by end of 2025. The winery can produce, bottle, can and ferment both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and our highly experienced team is now 120 strong.

In 2020 Broadland Drinks featured in the ‘Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200’. This league table ranks Britain’s mid-market private companies with the fastest growing international sales, measured over the last two years of available accounts.

The core purpose of Broadland Drinks is to create brands that consumers love. The branded portfolio which includes market leading brands Three Mills, Le Soleil, Waipapa Bay, Twistea, Casalinga and R&R now worth over £39m per year at retail sales value. To assist its retailer customers, Broadland continues to also supply a very efficient, reliable, high quality private label service.
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