1. Our Environment
Broadland Drinks Ltd is on a journey to Carbon Neutral Within Our Own Operations by 2025
  • All electricity used on our site is now from 100% renewable sources. (The ratio of different energy sources used to generate our electricity in the last 12 months was: 94.1% wind, 3.2% hydro and 2.7% solar).
  • Our new wastewater treatment plant converts our wastewater onsite back to clean water – better for the environment and also saving 106 tonnes of carbon a year, this also cuts down on HGV movements.
  • With bag in box and canning lines, we can produce wine in the lower carbon footprint formats as well as traditional glass bottles.
  • We bottle bulk wine at our winery in the UK, thus helping reduce the number of bottles transported from Australia, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa and California. This lowers carbon footprint.
  • Our site lighting has been migrated to low-energy.
  • Leveraging our 100% renewably sourced electricity, and following a 2020 audit by the Carbon Trust, we are in the process of replacing all fossil-fuel burning appliances on site (our fork lift trucks, company-owned vehicles and boilers) with electric appliances by 2025.
  • We have a cycle to work scheme at our winery to encourage low-carbon transport.
  • All our cardboard is from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited sources or is from 100% recycled material.
  • Our green glass bottles contain 70% recycled material.
  • We strive to use lightweight, UK-produced bottles whenever practicable.
  • Our MINIVINO cups are fully recyclable rPET which contains 25% recycled plastic.
  • The winery site is zero waste to landfill with recycling for our metal, card, glass and plastic and the remaining waste being turned into fuel.
  1. Our Community
We also support charities and communities both locally and around the world –
  • Since 2016, we have been a Corporate Partner of The Drinks Trust. The Drinks Trust is the trade charity that provides help and support to current and former employees of the drinks industry and their families. This important charity supports our colleagues across the industry facing a variety of difficult circumstances, including serious illness, issues with depression or stress, with debt or any family crisis such as a seriously ill partner or child. 
  • Since 2019, we have partnered with Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity (WDC) with our Waipapa Bay wines raising money and awareness for the charity.
  • We also donate to various local charities based upon need. During the COVID pandemic we donated to the NHS and local community services. And in 2021 donated to the lobby group and Judicial Review calling for the creation of an offshore ring main to connect the multiple new East Anglian off-shore wind farms.
  1. Our Team
We strive to create a team culture that embraces equality, diversity and inclusion and where integrity, respect, wellbeing, work life balance and a sense of belonging and accomplishment are promoted and supported.  See our careers section.
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