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Broadland launches Three Mills Botanicals range

Friday 14 June 2019

With innovation a key to future growth, Broadland has launched a botanicals range under the Three Mills brand with the aim of competing with topical gin and cocktail style mixers.  The two British wines are infused with popular botanical flavours - rosé, strawberry and elderflower, and juniper, cucumber and lime, inspired by market trends.  The flavoured wine category saw a 7% volume growth last year, three times faster than still wine, and is now worth £110m.

According to Liz Cobbold, Broadland marketing director “Through our consumer insight team, we constantly scour trends to identify opportunities to bring new consumers into the wine market.  Adding botanicals to wine and offering consumers the opportunity to drink it as a standalone, as a spritzer or with gin provides many different styles of drink which will appeal to a broader range of consumers.”

The Three Mills Botanicals are available in 1.5L pouches from ASDA, this format will not only store your wine for up to 6 weeks, but is proven to be far better for the environment and than traditional formats. 

Contact us today if you are interested in stocking these wines. 
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