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Broadland Wineries Appoints New Brand Manager

Monday 19 August 2019

Broadland Wineries has hired Bernard Matthews brand manager Katherine Hall to fill its new brand manager for innovation role.

Hall had worked at Bernard Matthews for five years on brand innovations from concept through to launch, including its partnership with ITV on Thunderbirds-shaped turkey pieces.

Liz Cobbold, marketing director at Broadland, said: “Kat will be working on the development of Broadland owned brands and, in particular, innovations in formats.

“We are looking for a fresh perspective and to understand how consumer trends can be adapted to create a new twist in wine. Kat’s background, and her proven ability to translate wider consumer trends into new products, makes her a perfect fit for our innovation team.”

Sales at Broadland rose 11.6% in the year to 31 March 2019 to hit £70.6m.

Growth at the company has been fuelled by a number of successful product innovations, including the Three Mills brand, which blends wine with fruit and botanicals, and its Minivino range of single-serve cans and cups of wine.

Other launches have included a wine advent calender containing 24 small bottles of wine and Proudly Vegan, a 100% vegan wine.

“Broadland is adding a canning line in 2020 and recent success in fruit fusions and the Three Mills Brand gives a great platform to grow,” said Cobbold.
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