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Lower Carbon Option for Dry January

Monday 15 January 2024


With an estimated 8.5 million people expected to participate in Dry January 2024, and more than one in four planning to reduce their alcohol consumption throughout the entire year*, there has never been a better time to optimise your range for both the abstainers and the moderators.
But have you considered the environmental impact of many non-alcoholic wines?
De-alcoholisation, which is the most commonly used production method for 0% wines on the UK market, starts with a standard ABV wine and removes the alcohol, in what is an extremely energy intensive process and one that often results in what Patrick Schmitt MW describes as a wine that tastes “thin and tart”.
Three Mills 0%, Broadland Drinks’ innovative solution, not only ‘tastes just like wine’ (Alison Hammond, ITV’s This Morning) but uses up to 5x less energy than de-alcoholised alternatives. Crafted at our winery in Norfolk, it is a non-alcoholic drink available in red, white and rosé made from flavourful blends of fruity grape juice & specially selected botanical flavours. Nothing removed, just great flavours added in.
To learn more about capitalising on this growing category and reducing your carbon footprint please contact
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*Alcohol Change UK
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